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Ozempic, Wegovy and Other GLP-1 Drugs May Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk

A research letter published in JAMA Oncology concludes that GLP-1s are associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer in patients with type-2 diabetes, compared to other prevalent diabetes drugs like metformin and insulin.
A note from our nurse practitioner, This study is retrospective in nature, so we cannot conclude on causation, but at the very least, the use of GLP-1s was associated with reduced colorectal cancer risk in a diabetic population.

Chasing weight loss dream, many in US seek Ozempic alternatives

Source: NewsBreak
Over 40 percent of Americans suffer from obesity, reflecting a major health crisis and the massive market for new Ozempic-type drugs.
A note from our nurse practitioner, With the soar in demand and accessibility, it's important to only work with a reputable clinic that has support and is medically supervised.

Is It Time for Cardiologists to Treat Obesity?

Source: Medscape
A recent study is drawing more conclusions about Semaglutide use and it's ability to decrease cardiovascular events in patients with cardiovascular disease.
A note from our nurse practitioner, I believe cardiologists are going to start prescribing this for some of their heart disease patients. This will likely exacerbate the shortages of Ozempic and Wegovy that we already see. That of course will likely lead to more patients seeking the compounded Semaglutide.
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